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Natural Apothecary A Field Guide Winter Camp Edition

After launching the first Field Guide – focusing on building your own natural first aid kit – the ideas for a new Guide rose. The last couple of years we made an effort to make more from scratch and use more plant allies when…

Douglas Fir Syrup

In celebration of the upcoming launch of the new Field Guide (the Winter Camp edition), we are sharing with you one of the recipes that didn’t made the cut, but is too good not to share. The Douglas Fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) is a evergreen…

Bushbuddy Stove Breakfast

Food cooked over the fire always tastes best. But sometimes there is just no room or time to make a campfire before breakfast. This is where stoves like the Bushbuddy Stove come in. Let’s cook up some breakfast!

Dandelion Salve Recipe

Dandelions (Taraxacum officinale) are well known among all. Children love to make wishes while blowing their seeds away, garden owner wish there would be no such thing as dandelions. On whatever end of the spectrum you might be, don’t overlook this stubborn weed!

DIY Hobostove

We are always checking out gear and don’t mind spending some money on quality materials for our outdoor activities. There are so many talented makers who are specialized in designing and fabricating of all sorts of quality products. Products that we are happy to…

Gear Breakdown

What do you carry when you are out and about? This is a question we receive very often! In this post we will break down every part of our gear with you. Explaining all about the what and why.