Natural Field Guide

This Field Guide is an invitation to get started with your own natural first aid kit, apothecary, personal and gear care items. All tailored to outdoor lovers, bushcrafters, treehuggers, forest hikers, mountain climbers, to the wild folks of this earth. This Field Guide is different from most guides or books about herbal remedies. It is a framework that forms a solid base to start making your own products. The goal is to let your connection with nature, and the products you use, grow stronger.

The first part of the Field Guide equips you with basic knowledge on wild harvesting, storing and basic recipes. You will see that you only need 8 ingredients to make the base of your own natural first aid kit, camp apothecary, personal and gear care items. These are the basic recipes. The following chapters will give you suggestions of what herbal remedies can be added to your kit and apothecary, as well as your personal care routine and your gear care. This is where the herbs come in. You will get 36 recipes to get you started, and lots of suggestions to get creative yourself.

The herbs discussed in this Field Guide are common and widespread in the Northern Hemisphere. Using what grows close and in abundance makes for a great connection with this earth that we all share. All the recipes are easily scalable, meaning you can make as much or as little as you need. This is perfect if you want to dip your feet in making things yourself, or want to go all the way and start making your own natural products for yourself, your family and friends. It is up to you! The Field Guide made with much love, all the recipes are based on recipes we use ourselves. All the drawings are made by hand and digitalized. All to give you that authentic Field Guide feel, without the hassle(and costs) of shipping.

Available here: Wooden Sheep Bushcraft

Leatherwork / Wooden Sheep Bushcraft
At the Wooden Sheep Bushcraft shop you will find handmade leather items, such as possible pouches to store your fire kit, medicine bags to keep your treasures close at heart, knife sheaths and much more. We admire the skills people had in the past. How they made items by hand and that they were made to last.

Just like in these forgotten times all our items are made by hand, and occasionally a vintage treasure we found for you. Both are made to last, and easy to repair yourself if needed. By buying from our shop you give us the opportunity to practice our skills and take the next step in our adventure.
You can find us here: Wooden Sheep Bushcraft

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