Natural Apothecary A Field Guide – Natural First Aid Kit and the new Winter Camp Edition!

The Field Guides are designed to give you applicable information on common plants and herbs, to get you started on building your own natural first aid kit (first field guide) and your winter camp apothecary (second field guide).

Providing information on harvesting, storing and starting on building your own kit/apothecary through easy to follow recipes!

More about the Winter Camp Apothecary Field Guide (including a flip though) click here.

More about the Natural First Aid Kit Field Guide (including a flip through) click here.

Both Field Guides are available on Etsy! However, if you want to order them directly from us, you can also shoot us an email.

If you have got any advice or feedback, please get in touch (click here)

Leatherwork / Wooden Sheep Bushcraft
At the Wooden Sheep Bushcraft shop you will find handmade leather items, such as possible pouches to store your fire kit, medicine bags to keep your treasures close at heart, knife sheaths and much more. We admire the skills people had in the past. How they made items by hand and that they were made to last.

Just like in these forgotten times all our items are made by hand, and occasionally a vintage treasure we found for you. Both are made to last, and easy to repair yourself if needed. By buying from our shop you give us the opportunity to practice our skills and take the next step in our adventure.
You can find us here: Wooden Sheep Bushcraft

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