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Let me introduce myself to you real quickly. My name is Sanne and I love sleeping under the stars and cooking above the fire. The outdoor adventures me and Johan have, are shared on this website and Instagram. We like to make things ourselves, live a more sustainable life, get to know the makers of our gear, and encourage you to do the same.

All of this wouldn’t be the same without you, so thank you for stopping by!

Looking for the right link is such a waste of time, let’s make this easy for you:

Vivobarefoot Shoes

As you might know, Vivobarefoot is one of my favourite shoe brands. Their shoes are made to last, with all the benefits of a barefoot shoe: Thin and flexible sole, zero drop, maximum feel and wide to give your toes all the room to wiggle.

When I started to wear barefoot shoes, my ankles quickly improved – I used to sprain them very regularly. Walking has become a much more sensory experience, feeling all the textures below. I even discovered I have some favourite textures, like the signaling made for folks with visual impairment, pebbles and moss.

Especially for you guys, Vivobarefoot set me up with a special 10% discount code: AJSCOT10
Which you can use at check out. Not getting a commision from using the code, only spreading the love!

More about Sanne

Sanne is a wild woman, fire keeper and forest dweller. Ever since she was a little girl herbal remedies fascinated her, one of her favourite books to read was an old herbal remedy book from her grandmother. Sanne was lucky enough to grow up in a family that loved spending time in the woods, but it was only when she got familiar with primitive skills, bushcraft and camping that the fire of the outdoors was truly rekindled.

On Instagram she shares her outdoor adventures with the world to inspire others to go outdoors and enjoy nature. Connecting with nature has been a big part of her life, finding more and more ways to bring nature into everyday life. Sanne firmly believes that if people reconnect with nature, and all she has to offer, both people and the earth will benefit from this.

After seeing the effect nature had on herself, and learning more and more ways to connect with nature (even in modern day life), she decided to get certificated as an outdoor coach helping others to (re)connect with nature. To use both the soft and hard skills in her work, she hopes to (re)connect more and more people to their own strength and the strength of nature.

In the media

Podcast interview in Dutch about what nature can bring into your life.

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