We believe in getting lost in the woods, in order to find yourself

To take the road less traveled by,
knowing that detours are part of the adventure

Find joy in the moment, it is much more than a means to an end

Thriving not surviving

Study forgotten times and ancient crafts

Nurture curiosity, for it is the root of all learning

Pass on knowledge and skills

Always remember there is not one way nor tool

And success is measured by your effort

Make things by hand, and make them to last

Use what you have, and reuse when you can

Don’t waste materials or time

The perfect time to start is now

Get up early and see nature awaken

Allow yourself to fail, and try again

It is okay to change your mind

But keep your skills and values strong

Seek connection, share your story, create value

Build a life you love

Be close to nature

Dare to take small steps in the right direction

Know that, little by little one travels far


This is our adventure, welcome in, and enjoy the ride.

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