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How to start a sit spot practice

Connecting with nature on a daily basis can feel like it is only reserved for those lucky few who live in their remote cabin in the woods. Enter the sit spot practice, a short attainable routine or practice of sitting with nature. Shifting your… Continue Reading “How to start a sit spot practice”

Printable Mini Field Guide

In these uncertain times a lot of nature loving folks are stuck indoors. Although it is for the greater good, to flatten the curve and protect the elderly and vulnerable in our society, it can feel like a daunting task to stay at home.… Continue Reading “Printable Mini Field Guide”

Natural Apothecary A Field Guide Winter Camp Edition

After launching the first Field Guide – focusing on building your own natural first aid kit – the ideas for a new Guide rose. The last couple of years we made an effort to make more from scratch and use more plant allies when… Continue Reading “Natural Apothecary A Field Guide Winter Camp Edition”

Make Your Own Burn and Wound Salve

As a bushcrafter you know how powerful mother nature is, but your probably also know how sharp your knife can be, and how hot the handle of your coffee pot can get above the fire. We have all been there, those nasty cuts and… Continue Reading “Make Your Own Burn and Wound Salve”

Bushcraft Library

Even though nothing beats experience, books can be a valuable asset to your bushcraft arsenal. To get inspired, to help you to identify plants, to get lost in a story. In this post we share with you our ‘bushcraft library’. Books we gathered through… Continue Reading “Bushcraft Library”

The Art of Fire Making

One of the joys of camping in the colder weather is getting warm by the campfire. Sharing stories, drinking hot chocolate, cooking – or just get mesmerized by the best television show there is; fire! In this post we will share the essential ingredients… Continue Reading “The Art of Fire Making”

Seven Tips To Have Your Girlfriend Join Your Bushcraft Adventures

One of the comments we get a lot is ‘You are so lucky to be able to spend time outdoors together!’. Being outdoors is actually how we met – but that’s a whole different story. We know a lot of you guys go on… Continue Reading “Seven Tips To Have Your Girlfriend Join Your Bushcraft Adventures”

Three Ways To Keep Clean: Natural & Multipurpose

Staying clean while out and about is a subject often overlooked. And although there is absolutely nothing wrong with getting your hands dirty and rolling around on the forest floor, knowing how to clean up afterwards is important to stay healthy. To give you… Continue Reading “Three Ways To Keep Clean: Natural & Multipurpose”

Happy New Year and Cheers! (Lemonade Recipe Included)

Hello wild people, and welcome back to our corner of the Internet.  We hope you had an amazing start of the new year, and took some time to reflect on the past. In this post we want to share with you some upcoming projects… Continue Reading “Happy New Year and Cheers! (Lemonade Recipe Included)”

Wrap your gifts in Bushcraft style!

Even though the Holiday season may not be up your alley, spending time with family and friends  gifting is often obligatory. For the latter we may just have found some wrapping options that suits your style. No need for Rudolph themed wrapping paper, jingle… Continue Reading “Wrap your gifts in Bushcraft style!”