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The 5 and 10 C’s of Survival

The Five and Ten C’s of Survival/Survivability, are a solid base of essentials to build your bushcraft outdoor kit around. The items will provide some amazing insight in building your kit, buying new gear, and packing for new adventures. Showing you that we do…

Summer Gear

The sun on your face and a soft summer breeze. Your pack on your back, and new roads ahead. Counting countless stars. Evening talks with friends around the campfire. Summer is for adventures.

Spring Overnighter Gear

Spring is here – Hurray for lighter packs! This is what we bring on a light overnighter.

Our Favourite Bushcraft & Outdoor Books

Part of the fun of planning adventures, is the preparation. Reading, and looking at drawings and pictures, brings inspiration and valuable knowledge. We share with you five of our favourite bushcraft and outdoor books.

Experience with the Condor Nessmuk (long term review)

About a year and a half ago I bought the Condor Nessmuk, after reading the book ‘Woodcraft and Camping’ by George W. ‘Nessmuk’ Sears. The book is written in a time when knowing your way in the woods was a vital skill. In his…

Minimal Bushcraft Kit and the Five C’s of Survival

On Instagram we often get invited to participate in challenges or tags. Last week we were asked to share our Five Piece Bushcraft kit, so we did! This kit is inspired by the Five C’s of Survival by Dave Canterbury. In this article you…

Nine Things We brought Canoeing

Different kind of adventures, ask for different kind of gear. To give you some inspiration for your next (canoe) trip, we thought we would share nine things we brought canoeing – all of which we will definitely bring along next time too!