Surviving Using Only Ikea Products


Inspired by ‘Building a Discount Bushcraft Kit’ (originally by Dave Canterbury), in order to challenge ourselves to think outside the box (and the outdoor stores)  and put our knowledge to the test.

Last couple of years we tested and perfected our kit in multiple and divers camping and bushcraft trips. At the beginning of this year we decided that we were ready to kick it up a notch: To build a camping/survival kit using only Ikea products within a budget of €50,- and putting those products to the test. Yes, this also included some batoning with an Ikea knife!

We will give you a sneak peak in all of our preparations (including the Ikea shopping trip). Show you our Ikea Survival Challenge – with lots of pictures. And in the end we will sum up exactly what we learned on the trip – and tell you if there are any Ikea products that made it into our normal kit!

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