What We Eat Outdoors and Our New Igloo Sportsman Cooler

We share with you what we eat outdoors and how we keep it cool! Make sure to share your favourites in the comments below. Read More

Baking Bread in an Anevay Frontier Stove

Some time ago we wondered if a mess tin would fit in our new Anevay Stove, and if we would be able to bake a bread in it. Since we like some challenge, we decided to put it to the test. The mess tin fit perfectly, like it was made for it. And we were easily able to bake a bread inside this foldable stove. This no fail technique and recipe will work in almost any situation, so whether you are at home trying to brush up your baking skills, or outdoors and hungry for some fresh bread – give it a try!

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Nine Things We brought Canoeing

Different kind of adventures, ask for different kind of gear. To give you some inspiration for your next (canoe) trip, we thought we would share nine things we brought canoeing – all of which we will definitely bring along next time too!

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DIY Budget Bushcraft Knife – Photo Tutorial



Make your own Budget Bushcraft Knife by following this photo tutorial. No forging experience or sophisticated tools needed.

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Seven reasons why we are selling our stuff

Minimalism, Zero Waste, Sustainable living, Heirlooms, Antique

Well maybe not be selling everything we own, but we are getting rid of a lot. Seven reasons why we chose to do so.

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Our first potato harvest

Homegrown Homemade Potatoes Self sustained Selfreliance Local Green Organic


One of the things we value, is good nutritious food. Grown locally, and with care. This year we tried to grow a few crops of our own, in order to learn and refresh these skills.

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To Build a Home

Self reliance Selfsustained Preparedness Homemade Building


There is a house built out of stone. Wooden floors, walls and window sills.

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Preparedness on the go


In winter, weather can be cold and weary. Ice, snow and fallen trees may block roads, making your ride back home a bit more adventurous by car (or in worst case: impossible). With public transport, chances are your trip will be much longer and will involve extra waiting or even a sleepover at a cold train- or busstation. These are only a few of the reasons why winter asks for a different kind of being prepared on the go.

In this article I wanted to share a few things to ponder about for this seasons preparedness.

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From Nature to Urbex

Nature Bushcraft Hike Adventure Trip Photography Plants Urbex Forgotten Places

Nature Bushcraft Hike Adventure Trip Photography Plants Urbex Forgotten Places

Some places tell stories that ears no longer hear.

If you let us choose, we’d always pick nature above being any place else. Though, sometimes buildings can captivate us as any other tree. On one of our last trips in nature we stumbled upon this intriguing house.

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Dinner at the estuary

Campfire Dinner Outdoor Petromax Estuary Cooking


Summer always is a very hectic time here at Monkey & Sheep. At times like these it is even more important to us to spent as much time as possible outside. These are the times when we like to treat ourselves with some much needing ‘eating out’. Outside, that is!

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