DIY Modular Pack System

So we thought it was time for yet another diy project. This project started out while being on a quest for the one pack that does it all. Most bushcrafters and outdoors enthusiasts, like ourselves, are constantly searching for that one pack which is suitable for short scouts, day hikes, overnighters, and even a trip to the supermarket or local library.

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We Tried Living On Our Small Boat For A Week

In February we became the proud owners of a traditional small flat-bottom boat. Kind of a floating tent, which enables us to dabble into living on the water (again). To find out what it is like to live on this floating very tiny home, we decided to give it a shot for a full week. We take you along on how we pack our stuff and sailed away!

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Interview with Knifemaker Otso Alai

In this new category on our blog we want to share the story of small craftsman- and women, the story of inspiring people that make a change in this – somewhat- strange world. We want to give you a peak into their lives and crafts, so you can get to know them more, and pick up a trick or two!

In this first edition we will feature our dear friend David, from Otso Alai Knifes. You will find out  what a knife-maker looks for in his own knives, and the view on life of this mountain man.

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DIY Pack Basket

If there is one thing that screams outdoor adventure fun, it is a pack basket. In this tutorial we show you step by step, how you can make your own pack basket, or how to revamp your current pack by making new straps for it! You can go completely upclycled with this DIY or invest in some durable materials. Your starting point is a basket, and we will guide your through all the other steps. Read More

Psychology of Survival: The Danger of Comfort

We all have heard the clichés on comfort: “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” and “A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing grows there”. As with all clichés, there might be a truth hidden behind those words.

How interesting the effect of not saying yes to new adventures (in whatever shape of form) is, that is not the kind of comfort what this post is about. Although you might find some striking similarities between seat belts, forest fires and pursuing your dreams.

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Spring Overnighter Gear

Spring is here – Hurray for lighter packs! This is what we bring on a light overnighter.

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Our Favourite Bushcraft & Outdoor Books

Part of the fun of planning adventures, is the preparation. Reading, and looking at drawings and pictures, brings inspiration and valuable knowledge.

We share with you five of our favourite bushcraft and outdoor books.

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Three Ways To Keep Clean: Natural & Multipurpose

Staying clean while out and about is a subject often overlooked. And although there is absolutely nothing wrong with getting your hands dirty and rolling around on the forest floor, knowing how to clean up afterwards is important to stay healthy. To give you a head-start we share three products that are natural and multipurpose.

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Psychology of Survival: The Monkey and the Brain

Writing on the subject of the psychology of survival has been on my ‘things-I-want-to-do’ for way too long. The human mind boggles me, especially when it limits get to the test. Both end of the spectrum fascinate me: People who have successfully endured things you wouldn’t wish upon your darkest enemy, all the way to how people play tricks on their own mind and not being able to even predict their own behaviour.

Why do we often react in a way that does not serve us? Which forces are at play, and how can we take control to ensure our best chance at survival?

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Experience with the Condor Nessmuk (long term review)

About a year and a half ago I bought the Condor Nessmuk, after reading the book ‘Woodcraft and Camping’ by George W. ‘Nessmuk’ Sears. The book is written in a time when knowing your way in the woods was a vital skill. In his book Nessmuk describes the gear he used on his adventures in America’s wilderness regions, in such an inspiring way that I wanted to try it out for myself. Upon reading ‘Woodcraft and Camping’, I went on a search to find a knife that met his description as good as possible. That is when I bought the Condor Nessmuk, and decided to use it extensively for the one and a half year that would come next. This post describes my experiences on using this knife. Read More