DIY Buck Saw with a Swiss Army Knife

When spending time outdoors, having a saw around is incredibly useful for building shelters and cutting fire wood. A buck saw is a saw you can easily make with very little tools and materials. In this tutorial you will find step by step instructions to make your own buck saw. Read More

Bushcraft Library

Even though nothing beats experience, books can be a valuable asset to your bushcraft arsenal. To get inspired, to help you to identify plants, to get lost in a story. In this post we share with you our ‘bushcraft library’. Books we gathered through the years to expand our knowledge, books filled with ideas and useful tips.

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The Art of Fire Making

One of the joys of camping in the colder weather is getting warm by the campfire. Sharing stories, drinking hot chocolate, cooking – or just get mesmerized by the best television show there is; fire! In this post we will share the essential ingredients of the art of fire making, different ways to get your fire lit and various campfire building methods. Let’s get into it!

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Make Your Own Wool Hat and Mittens

This is a tutorial on how to make your own wool hat and mittens out of an old sweater. It is easy, warm, and perfect to upcylce old wool sweaters, especially if you shrunk your favourite wool sweater like we did.

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The 5 and 10 C’s of Survival

The Five and Ten C’s of Survival/Survivability, are a solid base of essentials to build your bushcraft outdoor kit around. The items will provide some amazing insight in building your kit, buying new gear, and packing for new adventures. Showing you that we do not need much in order to survive.

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Seven Tips To Have Your Girlfriend Join Your Bushcraft Adventures

One of the comments we get a lot is ‘You are so lucky to be able to spend time outdoors together!’. Being outdoors is actually how we met – but that’s a whole different story. We know a lot of you guys go on adventures alone, or with friends, and that is perfectly okay. However, we often hear that you would like your significant other to join you! We totally get that. Sharing outdoors adventures together is so much fun, and can give a whole new dimension to your relationship. We got seven tips for you, that may help to encourage your girlfriend to go outdoors with you, and make such amazing memories together that she will beg you for more.

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Summer Gear

The sun on your face and a soft summer breeze. Your pack on your back, and new roads ahead. Counting countless stars. Evening talks with friends around the campfire. Summer is for adventures.

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DIY Modular Pack System

So we thought it was time for yet another diy project. This project started out while being on a quest for the one pack that does it all. Most bushcrafters and outdoors enthusiasts, like ourselves, are constantly searching for that one pack which is suitable for short scouts, day hikes, overnighters, and even a trip to the supermarket or local library.

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We Tried Living On Our Small Boat For A Week

In February we became the proud owners of a traditional small flat-bottom boat. Kind of a floating tent, which enables us to dabble into living on the water (again). To find out what it is like to live on this floating very tiny home, we decided to give it a shot for a full week. We take you along on how we pack our stuff and sailed away!

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Interview with Knifemaker Otso Alai

In this new category on our blog we want to share the story of small craftsman- and women, the story of inspiring people that make a change in this – somewhat- strange world. We want to give you a peak into their lives and crafts, so you can get to know them more, and pick up a trick or two!

In this first edition we will feature our dear friend David, from Otso Alai Knifes. You will find out  what a knife-maker looks for in his own knives, and the view on life of this mountain man.

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