Free Bushcraft Calendar 2020

As a way to give back to this amazing community, we want to share our 2020 outdoor inspired calendar.


Natural Apothecary A Field Guide Winter Camp Edition

After launching the first Field Guide – focusing on building your own natural first aid kit – the ideas for a new Guide rose. The last couple of years we made an effort to make more from scratch and use more plant allies when recovering from illness or tiredness.


Douglas Fir Syrup

In celebration of the upcoming launch of the new Field Guide (the Winter Camp edition), we are sharing with you one of the recipes that didn’t made the cut, but is too good not to share.

The Douglas Fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) is a evergreen conifer species in the pine family, most common in North America, but can be found through Europe as well.


Bushbuddy Stove Breakfast

Food cooked over the fire always tastes best. But sometimes there is just no room or time to make a campfire before breakfast. This is where stoves like the Bushbuddy Stove come in. Let’s cook up some breakfast!


Dandelion Salve Recipe

Dandelions (Taraxacum officinale) are well known among all. Children love to make wishes while blowing their seeds away, garden owner wish there would be no such thing as dandelions. On whatever end of the spectrum you might be, don’t overlook this stubborn weed!


Interview with Chloe from SIREN co

In this category on our website we want to share the story of craftsman and -women, the story of inspiring people that make a change in this – somewhat- strange world. We want to give you a peak into their lives and crafts, so you can get to know them more, and pick up a trick or two!

In this third edition we will feature Chloe Miller, owner and creator of SIREN co. She will share with you the connection she holds to nature and how this translates in her work. You also will find out what her favourite outdoor meals are – and get some great tips on creative work!


Natural Apothecary A Field Guide

The last couple of months we have been working on something for you, to bring along on your adventures. Something that fits inside your pocket or pack. Something that will allow you to enjoy the outdoors even more!


Winter Kelly Kettle Breakfast

Come along on our winter breakfast adventure. Where we show you the newest additions to our outdoor cooking kit: The Kelly Kettle Trekker and the Kelly Kettle Scout. And share a nifty way how you can raise the Kelly Kettle off the ground, to prevent the ground from burning.


DIY Hobostove

We are always checking out gear and don’t mind spending some money on quality materials for our outdoor activities. There are so many talented makers who are specialized in designing and fabricating of all sorts of quality products. Products that we are happy to use ourselves.

We do however get a lot of satisfaction in making our own gear with reclaimed materials from thrift stores, army surplus or just plain garbage. Not to make a better product than available anywhere, but just to practice our own skills.

So that’s exactly what this short photo tutorial is about: Making something out of materials at hand. Our beautiful planet is filled with garbage so we might as well reclaim some of that and put it to good use.

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Make Your Own Burn and Wound Salve

As a bushcrafter you know how powerful mother nature is, but your probably also know how sharp your knife can be, and how hot the handle of your coffee pot can get above the fire. We have all been there, those nasty cuts and painful burns. You never know in what kind of situations you will end up with in the woods, so it is a no-brainer to have a proper first aid kit in your pack at all times! Natural remedies can be perfect to help to speed up the natural healing process. This burn and wound salve will be a perfect addition to your (natural) first aid kit. In this post we show you how you can make it yourself!

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