Welcome to our digital home!

We are all about nature connection, rewilding and traditional crafts.

We will take you along on our adventures, share natural crafts and the steps we take towards a life closer to nature.

Stay wild,

Johan & Sanne

Read more about what we stand for in our manifesto.

What we are doing now

  • Working on a digital Field Guide
  • Making new leather products
  • Preparing nature connection workshops
  • Connecting with all of your through Instagram.

Johan & Sanne
We are two nature lovers who found each other in the woods. Drinking coffee (he) and tea (she) under the trees and sleeping under the stars.

He is a builder and creator at heart.
She an eternal optimist and plant lover.
Together they are building a life between forests, wetlands and traffic jams.

We may not be there yet, but we are on our way.

Little by little, one travels far

You will not find commercial talk or click-bait on Running with Sheep.
We value true connection and an authentic message, and we hope you feel the same.

All products and gear are bought with our own money, unless otherwise stated.
All opinions are our own, they can not be bought.

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