Outdoor adventure salve Recipe

Today is Sanne’s birthday, and what better way to celebrate this, than to share an amazing recipe with you that will be featured in the upcoming Natural Field Guide! This Outdoor Adventure Salve is perfect to keep your skin smooth and nourished when you are out and about, enjoying those drying campfires and spring storms. Because of all the herbal and natural goodness in this salve, it will even help to speed up the healing of minor cuts and wounds!

This recipe will be one of the 36 recipes in the upcoming digital Natural Field Guide – Your guide and framework for making your own natural first aid kit, camp apothecary, personal and gear care. Deepen your nature connection by learning more about wild crafting your own products! ~ Available around May/June.

Cold harsh winds, drying campfires and cuts and scrapes can all make your skin feel dry, itchy and irritated. After some days around the campfire, my face tends to get dry and flaky (not a pretty look), so I use this nourishing balm to prevent my skin from drying out. This salve smells delightfully earthy and takes the dry itch away immediately.

The star of this salve is pine resin, which can be found in places where coniferous trees have experienced damage, for example where a branch broke off. The resin is the way the trees seals up the wound and heals itself. Resin is a really multitasker, from being the base for natural glue, being super flammable, as being super healing for our skins as well. As with everything in nature, be conscious about how much you take, the health of the tree always comes first when harvesting pine resin.

Outdoor Adventure Salve Recipe

Two parts semi drying oil (like grape seed oil or apricot seed oil)
Beeswax (or carnauba wax)
Use one ounce (about 30 gram, or a little less as 1/8 cup) beeswax per cup of oil
Use vitamin E oil to extend the shelf life, use 5 drops per cup of oil
One part pine resin

If you feel fancy, or want to toss in some of that extra herbal healing goodness, infuse the oil (using two parts of oil, one part herbs (a 50/50 mix of calendula and chamomile would be perfect for this recipe), let sit for four to eight weeks and strain the oil through a cheese cloth.

As with many natural products, pine resin can have some ‘dirt’. The best way to clean the sticky resin is to heat it in a double boiler and strain it through a sieve or gentle pour the liquid resin, so the residues will stay in the double boiler. This way your salve will be free of barks and other impurities that will negatively impact the shelf life. The pine resin can be a hard one to clean up, a bit of oil or alcohol will help you to get the job done!

In a double boiler melt the beeswax and the pine resin, add in the oil and stir well. Remove from heat and add the vitamin E oil. Mix well and pour into little tins or a container of your choice. Tuck a contain in your pack or pocket, and you are ready to brave whatever comes your way!

How to use the salve

This salve can be applied to all skins that feel dry, itchy or flaky, and even minor cuts and wounds, or just skins that can use a little bit of that extra goodness. Just dip in a clean finger and apply. If you want to use this salve as a healing salve, you can also apply a layer of the salve and cover it with a gauze. Personally, I use this salve as my day and night cream when I am outdoors, especially in winter time (in summer time I switch it up for a bottle of rose hip oil!).

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