Natural Apothecary A Field Guide Winter Camp Edition

After launching the first Field Guide – focusing on building your own natural first aid kit – the ideas for a new Guide rose. The last couple of years we made an effort to make more from scratch and use more plant allies when recovering from illness or tiredness.

Things like bone broth, flu fighting gummies, home made creams and medicinal teas have become part of our everyday lives. It has been an interesting journey learning more about food, medicine, plants and how all these things intertwine.

This winter camp edition of the Field Guide will give you some suggestions for autumn and winter harvesting. Showing you that after Summer has ended, the joy of wild harvesting doesn’t have to end.  The Guide focuses on seven widely available medicinal and edible plants, how to harvest and store them. This winter camp edition gets you started with a small camp/cabin apothecary with more than six easy to follow recipes. 

The Field Guide is printed on 100% recycled heavy duty paper, and is hand bound with re-purposed waxed thread (leftovers from leather work projects).

We try to make and ship your Field Guide as low waste as possible.

Also, for every copy sold €1,- will be donated to a Forest School. This way we want to give back to the outdoor community and invest in the future of the earth: the children.

You can buy them here and on Etsy.

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