Douglas Fir Syrup

In celebration of the upcoming launch of the new Field Guide (the Winter Camp edition), we are sharing with you one of the recipes that didn’t made the cut, but is too good not to share.

The Douglas Fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) is a evergreen conifer species in the pine family, most common in North America, but can be found through Europe as well.

Don’t have any Douglas Fir around, pine needles can be used as well. Make sure you don’t mistake any of these for larches, these needles and tips are poisonous. All pine trees contain turpentine, which can be problematic when used in large quantities, so use pine needles and tips in moderation. Take extra precautions when pregnant or when nursing.

In celebration of the new Field Guide this recipe will be in style of the Field Guides. After launching the first one (focusing on building a natural first aid kit), we got a lot of question if these guides would ever be made digital. This recipe has been a first test of this, and of coursing giving you a fresh bite of the new guide as well!

Click on the picture to download the print!

We hope you like this little recipe and we look forward to share more of the Field Guide with you soon!

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