Bushbuddy Stove Breakfast

Food cooked over the fire always tastes best. But sometimes there is just no room or time to make a campfire before breakfast. This is where stoves like the Bushbuddy Stove come in. Let’s cook up some breakfast!

The first thing I noticed when I opened up the box with the stove, is the amazing attention to detail. The package was carefully wrapped, to protect the stove and pan along the way. The Bushbuddy stove is made of 6 different thicknesses and two alloys of stainless steel. The fact that it is made off grid in the remote wilderness of Alaska makes it even more special.

The Bushbuddy stove is fairly small, weighing only 6.4oz/181g and will fit in larger pots like the TOAKS 115mm pots or the Snow Peak 900. The perfect size to tuck away in your pack, and big enough to cook on it for two.

My Bushbuddy stove came with a limited edition frontier style carbon steel pan. Carbon steel pans are amazing, they heat up quickly and once well seasoned, they are (and stay) non-stick. As far as size goes, this pan will work perfectly when you are out and about alone, or with a partner.

The stove runs perfectly on little twigs, pine cones and smaller pieces of wood. With the drier season ahead, and the possibility of fire bans, I really enjoy the fact that this stove can be used with a little alcohol burner as well.


Now onto important things; breakfast. The Bushbuddy is a double-walled stove, which lets it burn clean and economically (more information on how this works can be read here). Because of the size of the stove, it really heats up quick, so you can start making breakfast in no-time!

The better your food fits the pan you will cook it in, the quicker and the better it will cook. The carbon steel pan fits three large eggs perfectly, but I bet you could go as far as five eggs.

Other breakfast ideas are oats with nuts, seeds, berries and maybe some chocolate. Bacon and baked beans or maybe you are more of a pancake kind of gal.

Cooking on the Bushbuddy is really easy, because of the design of the stove, it doesn’t need to be fed too often – which makes cooking easy! Even when used with an alcohol burner, because of the wind shield the stove proves, cooking goes smoothly.


No breakfast is complete without a cup of joe (or tea). The stove fits in a 1Q/0,95L pot, if you fill that pot with water, the stove will have it boiling in about ten minutes. This time we used the TOAKS 500 and got our coffee and tea even faster, in about five minutes with the alcohol burner.

So far I have been really enjoying the Bushbuddy stove, it is small, super lightweight and has a story to it. This is not a large scale produced item, but made with thought, and that makes it even more beautiful.

Your favourite stove

Tell us, what is your favourite stove at the moment and why is it your favourite?

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