Gear Breakdown

What do you carry when you are out and about? This is a question we receive very often! In this post we will break down every part of our gear with you. Explaining all about the what and why.

Sheepbushcraft Running With Sheep Carhartt Primitive Tribal Craft Leatherwork Woodensheep Tomahawk Rocky Woodland Forge Moose Magic-11

Let’s start with a view at glance. All the items I need for a few days out.

All items on the left of my backpack are stored in the backpack. The poncho goes on top, and a second poncho is packed in the backpack itself.

A wool blanket underneath doubles as a sleeve for my tomahawk handle. The tomahawk head and interchangeable digging tool are also stored in the main pack.
All other items, except for those kept on me, are stored in the haversack.

A good kit starts with the basics. The overall is made by Carhartt. Super heavy duty and great for bushcraft. The hoodie is from Primitive tribal crafts, made of a wool and cotton mix, this one is with me on each and every trip. Good clothing is an essential part of your kit, especially if you want to do an overnighter without a tent or sleeping bag!

In the backpack you will find my foodbag and coffee pouch, the haversack contains the bottle and the cup. For easy access to water.

The cook/brew kit changes depending on the trip were making, or even on my mood. Sometimes brass, and other days titanium or stainless steel. In this case my NATO cup with lid, tripod chain and aftermarket bottle for cooking. The foodbag can hold up to six cans in which we can carry enough food for the two of us for two days. .We are currently trying out the Journeyman Handcraft Sami Double Coffee Pouch which just happened to be a perfect fit for my Kupilka kuksa and little snaps cup.

There is also gear I carry on my belt, in my pockets and around my neck. I always have some items on me to never go without.

So from left to right top to bottom:
Condor Otzi neck knife, reading glasses, Otso Alai blanketpin awl striker tool, arrowhead in leather sleeve, neck pouch, foldable foraging pouch, Victorinox Pioneer in leather sheath, brass zippo and self containing flint and steel.

Sheepbushcraft Woodensheep Crafts Running With Sheep Rocky Woodland Forge Tools Longhunter Condor Victorinox -1

Above are the tools and materials which I use most when going out for a few days.

A good length of quality rope. In this case 10 meters of splytex which I use as ridgeline, for building shelters or a bushchair and to tie stuff on my backpack. I also carry a roll of bankline, which is probably my all time favourite.

The Rockywoodlandforge tomahawk has been with me on every trip since the day it arrived and I don’t think I will ever go on another trip without it. In this case I’ve got the digging tool on the handle, which is perfect for breaking open the soil and digging for roots.

For me, reusing materials I find, is a skill I value highly. To do so I carry some specific tools. In the leather sheet I carry some old school pliers and my DIY awl. I like these pliers because they are more capable of handling materials, like for instance fencing wire, than my Leatherman. The awl has so many uses  like punching holes, stitching and prying, making it a tool I would never leave at home.

As for the cutting tools. I’ve got a Victorinox Pioneer and this little knife does it all. The Condor Nessmuk is my main blade. There are probably many knives which are better but this is what I could afford at the time and it really served me well so far. The Condor Tavian is my backup blade and I bought it for about 10 euros second hand. Not pictured but also with me is a no brand folding saw which I hope to replace soon.

Running With Sheep Sheepbushcraft Maxpedition Sawyer Leatherman Hydrophil Load Out Kit Survival Bushcraft II

Lastly, a load out of the green bag and my Maxpedition pouch. In the green cotton bag I carry a pair of wool socks, underwear and a snot rag which is enough for me for a few days out . There is a lot of water around here so it’s easy to wash and dry one pair of undies while wearing the other pair. The rabbit skin I use as a little seat pad and it works great.

The Maxpedition pouch holds the  following items.
-Small bag with first aid items.
-Vacumized toilet paper.
-Water purification tablets.
-Emergency water filter.
-Sawyer mini Waterfilter.
-Toothbrush and toothpaste tablets.
-Haircomb, tweezers and nail clipper.
-Sewing and repair kit.
-Leatherman OHT.
Otso Alai awl / throwing dart.

The Maxpedition pouch doubles as EDC and I carry it with me in my work bag each and every day.

What do you think of this gear break down? What would you add, or leave at home – or what are your favourite items to carry outdoors? We would love to hear from you!

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