Bushcraft Library

Even though nothing beats experience, books can be a valuable asset to your bushcraft arsenal. To get inspired, to help you to identify plants, to get lost in a story. In this post we share with you our ‘bushcraft library’. Books we gathered through the years to expand our knowledge, books filled with ideas and useful tips.

The list is dived into a couple of subjects, from left to right. You will find both books in English, as well as in Dutch. The book titles are either translated (when there isn’t an English version on the market), or marked with an * when there is an English version available.

Plant identification

With plant identification, you will find that local books will serve you the best. Every country, every area will have different flora and fauna. We have found almost all of the books in this section second hand, and have found them really useful to carry with us!

Bomen (Trees) by Winkler Prins
Wilde groenten en kruiden (Wild vegetables and herbs) by Elseviers Natuurkompas
Loofbomen (Broad-leaved trees) by Elseviers Natuurkompas
Naaldbomen (Conifers) by Elseviers Natuurkompas
Bessen (Berries) by Elseviers Natuurkompas
Inheemse Planten (Native Plants) by Kelle & Sturm
Natuurgids Bloemen (Field guide Flowers) by Lohmann
Wild Flowers by Dr. Slavík
Dierensporengids (Animaltracks) by Elseviers
Vestzak Natuurgidsje (Pocket Guide to Nature) by Reader’s Digest

Alternative living

Books on natural remedies, alternative living and homesteading can be a valuable knowledge for anyone who likes to spend time outdoors. Personally, we love making the gap between being outdoors and indoors, as small as possible, these books give inspiration and practical information on all of this.

Shantyboat by Hubbard
De Taal der Kruiden (The Language of Herbs) by Uyldert
Leven van het Land (Farming for Self-Sufficiency*) by Seymour
Vrij Leven (Living Free) by de Koning & Zijlstra


Other useful information can be found in survival books. You never know when you will need the information in these books! This is one of the reasons we carry a pocket version of the SAS Survival Guide in our packs very often!

The Complete SAS Manual by Davies
Het SAS Survival Handboek (The SAS Survival Guide*) by Wiseman
Het Commando Survival Handboek (The Commando Survival Handbook*) by McManners
Care and Use of Individual Clothing and Equipment

Crafts and Skills

Half of our library consists of books on crafts and skills, in many different forms. From story-like knowledge to elaborate drawings on camp set up and clothing. These books are our personal favourites and are chosen and bought carefully. We love flipping through all of these!

Mountainman Crafts and Skills by Montgomery
Shelters, Shacks and Shanties by Beard
The Trapper’s Bible by Livingston
Wildwood Wisdom by Jaeger
Bushcraft 101 by Canterbury
Woodcraft and Camping by Nessmuk
The Walker’s Guide to Outdoor Clues & Signs by Gooley
Het Knopenbook (The Knot Book) by Mulder


What does your personal Bushcraft Library look like? Are your favourite books on our shelves, what should we add?
We would love to hear from you!


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