Make Your Own Wool Hat and Mittens

This is a tutorial on how to make your own wool hat and mittens out of an old sweater. It is easy, warm, and perfect to upcylce old wool sweaters, especially if you shrunk your favourite wool sweater like we did.

What you will need
Wool Sweater
Sharpie or something a like
Optional: Leather tags
Optional: An old hat for tracing

How to make the hat and mittens!
1. First make sure the wool sweater is felted – this is what happens when you wash wool on too high temperatures or on the wrong program. Movement, water and temperature will felt the wool. Making it thick and firm (and smaller).

2. For the hat: Trace an old hat twice on the wool. For the mittens: Trace both your hands twice on the wool. When tracing make sure you trace on the inside of the fabric, to avoid visible lines in the finished product.

3. Cut the wool along the traced lines.

4. Turn the fabric inside out, and stitch together.  A closed blanket stitch is perfect for this, it is easy and strong. You can find countless tutorials on how to do this stitch online.

5. Any ends of the fabric that show, can be finished with the blanket stitch as well.

6. Turn the fabric the right way round again. A small leather tag can be added as a nice detail.

Here you go! You have made yourself a brand new pair of upcylced warm wool mittens and hat! Let’s get outside!

Show us your hats and mittens on Instagram of share your experience in the comments.

Stay wild!





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