Seven Tips To Have Your Girlfriend Join Your Bushcraft Adventures

One of the comments we get a lot is ‘You are so lucky to be able to spend time outdoors together!’. Being outdoors is actually how we met – but that’s a whole different story. We know a lot of you guys go on adventures alone, or with friends, and that is perfectly okay. However, we often hear that you would like your significant other to join you! We totally get that. Sharing outdoors adventures together is so much fun, and can give a whole new dimension to your relationship. We got seven tips for you, that may help to encourage your girlfriend to go outdoors with you, and make such amazing memories together that she will beg you for more.

Let’s put this up front: This article is in no way meant to set a certain stereotype, male or female. Actually, these guidelines can also be used for boyfriends, mums, dads, sisters, brothers and friends who are not familiar with spending time outdoors. That being said, it is also important to know when to stop: To stop asking someone to go along, or to stop helping too much in the process. All these tips are about encouragement, and having fun together!


1.Let her plan the trip with you
Start off right. Decide together where you want to go and what to bring along, whether that is ultra lightweight camping, bushcrafting or glamping. Planning the adventure can be half the fun, and will give your girl the feeling she knows what to expect (this will boost her confidence!). This also is good place to do some upfront gear check, we are talking about packs, shoes, knives here, not the girl herself (just to be clear). Opt for the possibility to borrow some gear, since buying can feel like a true commitment. At this step, get her excited for the trip, but be honest with her as well. There probably will be bugs, and there might not be a toilet (yikes!). Talk about it, share your strategies, and let here come up with her own.

2.Step away from traditional roles
This might be one of our own pet peeves, but we will get it out there anyways: Step away from traditional roles. There is absolutely no need for the woman to cook, and the man to chop wood. Divide tasks according to strengths (not only muscular), energy levels at that instant and what makes one happy to do. Actually, if she is up to it, encourage her to try (potential) new things, such as chopping wood, carving, fire making. It also can be lots of fun to do things together, hauling in firewood, cooking, building a shelter. Find out what works best for the two of you!

3.Make sure she stays warm
Women tend to get cold more easily than men, which actually has a couple of scientific reasons to it (different core temperatures, different body composition, to name a few). Whatever the reason maybe, chances are you will wake up to a very grumpy girlfriend when she was freezing the night before. Take action accordingly. Make sure she brings warm clothes (lots of layers), including a hat (even in warmer times). Look out for the right sleeping bag and sleeping mat, there is even special camping gear for women on the market. These special items are not necessary, but underline that a woman’s body is slightly different then the male’s. Watch out for butts touching the ground through the sleeping mat (those bigger butts make contact with the earth more easily), and look for a proper fit of the sleeping bag, especially around the shoulders. Fill unnecessary room in the bag with clothes or a blanket, being able to move is a good thing, but cold wind blowing in, not so much. Mummy bags with adjustable hoods are perfect for this, sleeping bags should trap air while you are still able to move. You can also opt for a hot water bottle or a hot drink right before bed (did we hear you say hot coca).

4.Let her take her hobbies outdoors
Part of feeling comfortable outdoors, is being able to entertain yourself. Enjoying the views, having good talks around the fire, cooking together; all very enjoyable ways to spend your time. Next to spending time together, letting her (and yourself too) take her hobbies outdoor can give such an extra dimension to being outdoors. Whether this is yoga, reading, crafting, baking cookies – there is no reason not to enjoy these hobbies outdoors. We have found that with being outdoors as a couple, or with a group, some private time can be really important to stay sane. These extracurricular activities can both be a nice way to spend time, as being able to have so alone time while out and about together.

5.Bring a fold-able washing bowl
Most girls like good hygiene, both for themselves, as for their significant other. Even when running water is not available, and there aren’t any springs around – there is no need to get dirty (also applies when you are alone actually). A fold-able washing bowl is lightweight and compact, and will give you that spa-like feeling (kind of). Heat up some water, take a wash cloth and do your thing. Your girlfriend will thank you for this, we are sure! If you want to use soap of any kinds, make sure it is one that doesn’t do any harm, avoid strong scents since those attract bugs. we personally use the Dr. Bronner’s Baby Liquid soap mixed with some water. Having a routine regarding hygiene can be both fun (we will leave it up to your own imagination), as practical and healthy.

6.Make sure she brings sanitary products
Make sure she brings sanitary products, even if she think she won’t have her period during the trip. Nature has a funny way of sneaking up, especially when outdoors and not expecting anything. Even Bolder Outdoor Survival School will give all the ladies on their courses the same advice; bring sanitary products along. It is very common for ladies to get their period when they are spending time outdoors, even when it is not ‘that time’ yet.It is better to carry some products without actually having to use them, than the other way around. There are special wet-bags available to carry any disposables back out again. A great waste-free option is a menstrual cup. Whatever she brings, good hygiene is uttermost important without running water. Kit suggestion might be, disinfectant wipes (for hands only!), washcloth and the already mentioned wet-bag.

On the subject of too much information, make sure you talk shit too. Where, how, when. There has actually been a book written about this shitty subject, ‘How to Shit in the Woods’ by Kathleen Meyer. It will prepare you for all sorts of crap, seriously.

7.Make amazing memories together!
Last, but most definitely not least: Have a good time together. Create unforgettable memories. Laugh about failures and unexpected detours. Enjoy good food and hot drinks. Explore new and old skills. Follow the path or make your own. Share stories around the campfire. Sleep underneath the stars and wake up to the song of birds. Enjoy nature and enjoy each others company. Create beautiful memories together.


All these tips are based on our personal experiences, and we would love to hear yours too. Leave us a comment, or come and say hi to us on Instagram!




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