Three Ways To Keep Clean: Natural & Multipurpose

Staying clean while out and about is a subject often overlooked. And although there is absolutely nothing wrong with getting your hands dirty and rolling around on the forest floor, knowing how to clean up afterwards is important to stay healthy. To give you a head-start we share three products that are natural and multipurpose.

Just as with all items we carry around, if it ain’t multipurpose, we are probably not carrying it at all.


Dr. Bronner’s All In One Magic Soap

A golden oldie for US citizens, and for good reasons, taking over the rest of the world. This soap bar contains only the necessary, and a true powerhouse for all kind of tasks. Cleaning your body, clothes, gear, dishes, dog – even your teeth according to Dr. Bronner himself.

A little goes a long way, therefore we love this little sample size bar for in our kit. For bigger cleaning tasks we use the liquid soap, mixed with some water and essential oils.


Soap Berries

Soap berries (or soap nuts, Sapindus mukorossi) are another natural and versatile cleaning aid. The berries contain a natural saponin, working just as conventional soap.  You can even use the berries to spot clean. Scoop a handful of berries in a cotton drawstring bag, wet the bag and the clothing to spot clean, or add the bag to your laundry. Can also be used to clean your body, hair, pets and dishes. Leftover berries can be composted.

Don’t like to use something that flew all the way from the Himalayas to your house? Horse chestnuts (Aesculus hippocastanum) work in a very similar way. Peel away the shell, and crush the chestnuts and scoop in a drawstring bag.


Baking Soda

Opting for minimal, yet want to stay clean? Take some baking soda with you! This ingredient has so much purposes, that we want to encourage you to do some additional research on this multitasker. We use it when baking bread, to clean pots and pans (goodbye black stains!), all round cleaning (gear and body), and as a minimal tooth paste and deodorant. In summer baking soda also helps to keep ants away from your shelter or camp.

We keep our baking soda in a little tin, to keep it from spilling in our bags, or attracting moisture. When available we add essentials oils, tea tree when cleaning gear, peppermint for tooth paste.

Just as with all items we carry around, if it ain’t multipurpose, we are probably not carrying it at all.

Final thoughts

Staying clean is a very personal matter, we all like different products and methods. Just as with everything else, trying it out and playing around, will teach you what works for you and your personal needs and preferences.

What cleaning staples do you have in your kit?

Feel free to share a comment, advice, question or your thoughts on this subject. They are always much appreciated!

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