Wrap your gifts in Bushcraft style!

Even though the Holiday season may not be up your alley, spending time with family and friends  gifting is often obligatory. For the latter we may just have found some wrapping options that suits your style. No need for Rudolph themed wrapping paper, jingle bells or plastic ornaments. With items you probably already have laying around, or find outdoors!

Bandana wrap

This gift are actually two gifts in one: a bandana or handkerchief ánd the present itself.  The Japanese have mastered the art of wrapping things with cloth, this technique is called Furoshiki, and comes in handy not only in gift wrapping, but also in making a quick bag while foraging, protecting glass bottles, storing lunch. Depending on the size of your present, a handkerchief or bandana will do.

Wool sock

What to do with those nice wool socks that lost their other half?  Well, you could use it to wrap presents! Wool socks make great gift wrappers, especially for hard to wrap items like bottles. Repair any minor holes, and slide your present in. If you want to go extra fancy, use a ribbon to tie around the sock.

Natural finds

This wrapping option is perfect for all the ladies in your life. Use craft paper or the paper that came with your last online shopping haul. Tape the edges with paper tape and decorate with a nice leave, some flowers or branches. You can either tape your natural find directly onto the paper, or use some cord to wrap it again the package.

Final thoughts
Everyone needs to deal with normal day life at some point. We get that you would rather spend your time outdoors  -we feel the same-, but some times it is important to show your beloved  ones you really appreciate them. What better way to show them in a way that suits your personal preference: Dual purpose, natural, easy. Enjoy the jolly season on your own terms.

Feel free to share a comment, advice, question or your thoughts on this subject. They are always much appreciated!

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