Zero Waste Bushcraft Hygiene Kit

Zero Waste Bushcraft Hygiene Make Up Outdoors Kit Shower

When you enjoy spending time outdoors, you need to think about what you bring with you. Every piece of waste needs to be carried back home. And every product can (and will) end up in nature. This is why we decided to take a good look at our hygiene products – both the products we bring with us outdoors, as the ones we use at home.

Zero Waste Bushcraft Hygiene Make Up Outdoors Kit Shower

A wooden hair brush and an ale. Who says a hygiene kit only needs to contain toiletries? A small tin holds our olive soap and a solid shampoo bar. A cotton drawstring bag, keeps all the soap nuts and a bottle of tea tree oil in place. Perfect for doing the dishes, or (spot) cleaning clothes.

Zero Waste Bushcraft Hygiene Make Up Outdoors Kit Shower

This Hydrophil toothbrush* is made out of bamboo (which can be composted) and nylon. The small tin is perfect to store Denttabs*, little tablets without chemicals to clean your teeth, and keep nature clean as well. No microplastics, colours, or plastic microbeads. Cotton pads* and washcloths provided a quick clean-me-up.

Zero Waste Bushcraft Hygiene Make Up Outdoors Kit Shower

We are all about multipurpose. This glass bottle contains grenade seed oil, very useful in cooking as well a nourishing for the skin. A few drops op orange essential oil was mixed in, to soothe not only the skin, but also the mind.

Zero Waste Bushcraft Hygiene Make Up Outdoors Kit Shower

Even outdoors, some days can use some extra colour (for her only, we assure you). Cacao powder gets used as a brow colour, eyeshadow and light blush. When the Lush Eyes Right mascara will run out, it will get replaced with a homemade one.

Zero Waste Bushcraft Hygiene Make Up Outdoors Kit Shower

Wool or sheeps grease is one of our favourites. It helps healing small cuts and burns, and soothes the dry skin. We always carry a jar around, rubbing it in our hands at night, dabbing it on cuts, and apply it onto our faces.  Sheeps grease can cause allergic reactions, so please make sure you try a little, before lathering it all over your body.

Zero Waste Bushcraft Hygiene Make Up Outdoors Kit Shower

A toiletry kit just isn’t complete without tweezers and matches. To lite a candle, or (carefully) lite your toilet paper.. Also a coin to pay for the use of a local shower.

Final thoughts
For us, bushcraft, homesteading and zero waste, cover a lot of common ground. We like picking up on tips, tricks and products, that do right to our values. Refusing single use, and opting for durable items, that can be repaired. Products that don’t have such a negative impact on our earth, and health, and can be re-made over and over again. An easy place to begin to swap out products for more sustainable options, is your hygiene kit. What do you carry with you to keep clean and groomed?

A few items (marked with a *) mentioned in this article where bought from the Bag-again webshop. We are not sponsored by any means, but we wanted to give them a little shout out! Their products are well chose, available for a good price, and they are super nice and friendly.

Feel free to share a comment, advice, question or your thoughts on this subject. They are always much appreciated!


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