Personal – They came looking for answers..

Adam Curtis Stange Times Impakt Review Question Hypernormalisation

“They came looking for answers, and found nothing.


I came looking for questions, and they answered.”

After spending a week off grid, deep in nature, I drove back to the city to attend a lecture given by documentary maker Adam Curtis. Being back in the city gave me chills, anxiety almost. Harsh lights, buzzing, alarms, people. The air breather the upcoming Autumn storm. Rain fell and we rushed by foot through the crowd, to the location of the lecture.

We arrived early. In time to talk over some tea and coffee, and buy a couple of books to captivate the vibe of the rainy afternoon for later times. The smell of Indian food and red wine filled the room. People talking loudly, full of anticipation of what would come next. The sign sold out  was attached to the main entrance. Almost time. We took our seats and the music started. Something in between a Sci-fi title song and a commercial jingle.

Curtis is well known for his provoking documentary work on society and government. Pointing out the pitfalls we took, blinded by money and television screens. Then the questions came ‘If this doesn’t work, than what will?’, ‘Should a new religion be invented?’.


They all came for answers, and found only questions.
I came for questions, and they answered.


Life should be lived differently.


So we took our bags and never looked back again.




Final thoughts
Today we wanted to share this short personal story with you. Take you with us into Adam Curtis lecture/talk Stange Times on the Impakt festival.

Feel free to share a comment, advice, question or your thoughts on this subject. They are always much appreciated!


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