What We Eat Outdoors and Our New Igloo Sportsman Cooler

We share with you what we eat outdoors and how we keep it cool! Make sure to share your favourites in the comments below.

Breakfast and lunch

We always start our days with some coffee and tea. As breakfast we usually eat some bread with cheese, some chocolate sprinkles (for her) and some cashew butter (for him). On most days our breakfasts and lunches are very similar, but with lunch we often add an egg or leftovers from the night before. When we have a day at camp, we try to bake some fresh bread in a Dutch Oven or even in our Frontier Stove.

Once you get the hang of it, whether it is cooking or baking, you won’t need any measuring cups or timers. Just look, feel and smell – and your food will tell you the rest!


Although we are not so big on all the plastic wrappers, we love a nutritiousness bar, such as Cliff Bars or Trek Bars. Especially when active, they provided fuel to keep going. We hope to one day be able to bake them ourselves, but for now these will do.

Another great survival snack is chocolate! Tony’s Chocolonely is a Dutch chocolate brand with a great story. “Crazy about chocolate, serious about people”. They strive every day to make chocolate completely free of slavery and child labour. Their caramel seasalt bar is a true Dutch cult hit. We love supporting brands that strive to make the world a better place, one step at the time.

Of course we like to snack on some fruit too! Apples are our favourite to grab and go.


Dinner is the time we really go all the way, we like to cook fresh – with lots of vegetables, whole wheat and local meat. We stir fry veggies like bell pepper and zucchini, in some olive oil and sprinkle some grounded herbs on top. Rice as a side dish, with pumpkin and sunflower seeds. And steak from very happy cows. It is a humbling feeling to be able to see these cows roaming free, not on meadows, but in wetlands, between the willows and rivers. When they have reach the age of three the cows get butchered, and every piece of them get used in one way or another.

Leftovers make a great addition to next days lunch or dinner. One day we hope to supplement these brought (and bought) foods, with more foraged options!

Igloo Sportsman Cooler

Before we bought the Igloo Cooler we stored all our perishables in crappy cooler bags. They got dirty, wet, and did not keep our food cool enough. Sanne has got food related health issues, and not well cooled items can cause serious problems. So we went on the look out for a cooler, that could keep our food cool for longer, and could even be used as an off grid refrigerator.

This Igloo Sportsman Cooler keeps our food significantly cooler for a longer time, and fits perfectly in our Old Town Canoe and our Robens Fairbanks tipitent. The cooler is really well made, very sturdy and easy to clean.

Final thoughts
We strive to make better choices every day for our planet and our health, from local meat, to unpacked food from wholesome sources. Sometimes resources, e.q. money and time, and even location, get in the way of ‘perfect’, we try to remember that ‘good’ – and always striving for ‘better’- is good enough. Perfect should never be the enemy of good!

What are your favourite camp meals and how do you pack and store your food while outdoors?

Feel free to share a comment, advice, question or your thoughts on this subject. They are always much appreciated!


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