To Build a Home

Self reliance Selfsustained Preparedness Homemade Building


There is a house built out of stone. Wooden floors, walls and window sills.

monkey-sheep-bushcraft-bushcraft-sustainable-survival-selfreliance-freedom-workshop-7 monkey-sheep-bushcraft-bushcraft-sustainable-survival-selfreliance-freedom-workshop-3

At the end of 2016 we bought a house, better suiting our needs and wishes. Having a place close to nature and with the opportunity to continue making leather products, and maybe even some knives. To store all our outdoor gear, to sit in the sun and hear the birds sing their morning song.

monkey-sheep-bushcraft-bushcraft-sustainable-survival-selfreliance-freedom-workshop-14 monkey-sheep-bushcraft-bushcraft-sustainable-survival-selfreliance-freedom-workshop-13

Moving every bit and bob we have collected over the years and giving those a new place between these four walls. Old tools, new projects, books and plants.

monkey-sheep-bushcraft-bushcraft-sustainable-survival-selfreliance-freedom-workshop-25 monkey-sheep-bushcraft-bushcraft-sustainable-survival-selfreliance-freedom-workshop-24

Out in the garden where we planted the seeds, there is a tree as old as me.

monkey-sheep-bushcraft-bushcraft-sustainable-survival-selfreliance-freedom-workshop-11 monkey-sheep-bushcraft-bushcraft-sustainable-survival-selfreliance-freedom-workshop-10 monkey-sheep-bushcraft-bushcraft-sustainable-survival-selfreliance-freedom-workshop-19

Having a shed to call our own, was one of the reasons we fell in love with this place. It probably needs some heavy renovation done in the future, but for now it is here for us to work in.

monkey-sheep-bushcraft-bushcraft-sustainable-survival-selfreliance-freedom-workshop-20 monkey-sheep-bushcraft-bushcraft-sustainable-survival-selfreliance-freedom-workshop-32

Late evenings and early mornings. We had some hickups along the way, a broken bridge – which made the move itself a daunting task, a gas leak – which left us unable to cook and shower for some time. But now we are here, and we are here to stay.

monkey-sheep-bushcraft-bushcraft-sustainable-survival-selfreliance-freedom-workshop-34 monkey-sheep-bushcraft-bushcraft-sustainable-survival-selfreliance-freedom-workshop-23

Slowly getting into gear and getting up to speed again with our Etsy shop and both of our Instagram accounts (you can find us here and here).

monkey-sheep-bushcraft-bushcraft-sustainable-survival-selfreliance-freedom-workshop-17 monkey-sheep-bushcraft-bushcraft-sustainable-survival-selfreliance-freedom-workshop-47 monkey-sheep-bushcraft-bushcraft-sustainable-survival-selfreliance-freedom-workshop-46

Life continues. Making the first plans for our garden. We don’t have lots of land, but it is enough to plant a few trees, some crops, herbs and keep a few quails.

monkey-sheep-bushcraft-bushcraft-sustainable-survival-selfreliance-freedom-workshop-41 monkey-sheep-bushcraft-bushcraft-sustainable-survival-selfreliance-freedom-workshop-48

To be continued..

Final thoughts
Just as being outdoors, living a more sustainable life is very important to us. We believe in taking small steps everyday to accomplish our goals.

Feel free to share a comment, question or your thoughts. They are always much appreciated!


Dorky Musical Reference: Cinematic orchestra ~To build a home

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