Preparedness on the go


In winter, weather can be cold and weary. Ice, snow and fallen trees may block roads, making your ride back home a bit more adventurous by car (or in worst case: impossible). With public transport, chances are your trip will be much longer and will involve extra waiting or even a sleepover at a cold train- or busstation. These are only a few of the reasons why winter asks for a different kind of being prepared on the go.

In this article I wanted to share a few things to ponder about for this seasons preparedness.

Don’t forget your clothes
Personally I see my clothes as my first and foremost everyday carry. I feel this is such an overlooked thing, especially in the everyday-work-hassle. Before adding winter emergency items to your purse or pack, ask yourself, what you can improve in your clothing. To make sure you will stay warm when your car breaks down, or the bus/train won’t come.

For me this means putting thought in every layer I wear. I work in a corporate environment, so the ‘rules’ on what to wear and what not, are set in stone. Wool is my way to go: Blazers, skirts, stockings and under-layers – I make sure they have a good percentage of wool in them. Adding wool to your work clothes has its benefits for everyone, in every environment. Wool will keep you warm, even when it is wet, and I find it keeps me relativity cool too, when the central heating is on a blast.


Next to your clothes, your outerwear should be something to take a close look at too. When the weather is really weary, your outerwear is crucial. Depending on your working environment and local weather conditions, different options will serve you best. For me this is a wool coat, wool hat, gloves and a scarf. One of the benefits of being female is that I can get away with wearing a humongous scarf that can easily double as a blanket.

Besides the clothes you are wearing, it may be a good idea to have some extra clothing options in your purse or pack. You just never know when you are going to need that extra pair of underwear, those cosy wool socks or that waterproof poncho.

Hot for hot
Some weeks ago I was feeling a bit under the weather and had some really stiff joints and muscles. With a long day ahead, I knew this grandma-way of going around wasn’t the best – and I was looking for a way to deal with the pain and cold. This is when I found out pharmacies sell disposable heating pads for your back. If you find a good one, these pads not only will help with back pain, they will also keep you warm for over 8 hours.

Next to this brand new addition, I always carry one of those hand and toe warmers. I find that a little bit of warmth can make such a difference. If you need to choose one spot to place the heat on, always pick your crotch. A few very large vessels run by it, making it a perfect place to distribute warmth. Having this said, depending on the weather conditions, frostbite may be a real risk. Make sure you protect your extremities against the cold too..


Time for a cuppa
Nothing is more of a moral booster than a cuppa (preferably with a piece of chocolate). If you have noodles on hand, then having hot water with you will not only make you a warm drink, but a hot meal too. No need to say why I like to carry a vacuum bottle filled with hot water in my pack at all time.

Whether it are noodles or something else, food can definitely help to keep you warm. Calorie and nutrition dense bars, such as Cliff Bars and Trek Flapjacks make a solid snack, or an easy meal. I love how both brands pack a good amount of protein in their products. Not only good for your biceps, also helping you to feel full.

Some other things to consider
Petroleum based products are not only a life saver for chapped lips, they also make very convenient fire starters. Both not bad to have at hand in cold conditions. Ladies, if you want to go for a more luxurious option Elisabeth Arden’s 8h cream and Rosebut salve also make great fire starters! Don’t judge, I just like to set my cosmetics on fire 😉

Final thoughts
Always keep your own situation in mind when making preparations. What works for me, may not work for you. Also, it is better to have something with you, than nothing. There is no shame in starting small.

Feel free to share a comment, question or your thoughts. They are always much appreciated!

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