Preparedness on the go

In winter, weather can be cold and weary. Ice, snow and fallen trees may block roads, making your ride back home a bit more adventurous by car (or in worst case: impossible). With public transport, chances are your trip will be much longer and will involve extra waiting or even a sleepover at a cold […]

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From Nature to Urbex

Some places tell stories that ears no longer hear. If you let us choose, we’d always pick nature above being any place else. Though, sometimes buildings can captivate us as any other tree. On one of our last trips in nature we stumbled upon this intriguing house.

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Dinner at the estuary

Summer always is a very hectic time here at Monkey & Sheep. At times like these it is even more important to us to spent as much time as possible outside. These are the times when we like to treat ourselves with some much needing ‘eating out’. Outside, that is!

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Surviving Using Only Ikea Products

Inspired by ‘Building a Discount Bushcraft Kit’ (originally by Dave Canterbury), in order to challenge ourselves to think outside the box (and the outdoor stores)  and put our knowledge to the test. Last couple of years we tested and perfected our kit in multiple and divers camping and bushcraft trips. At the beginning of this […]

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